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About HSC Learn Online

HSC Learn Online is an initiative of SCIL (Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning, the research and development unit of Northern Beaches Christian School) offering fully accredited online courses for Preliminary and HSC subjects. 

Primarily for Northern Beaches Christian School students, in the past HSC Learn Online has also offered courses externally to NSW students. This offering has been significantly reduced - please click on the Course Information button on the home page for more details of courses that we will be offering for 2015

All of our online students (internal or external) are supported by qualified, caring and experienced teachers who proactively communicate with and monitor the progress of their online classes. 

Online courses are a great option for students who:

  • would like to take a course that is not otherwise available or clashes with another subject
  • are self-disciplined and organised
  • want flexibility with where and when they complete the course
  • want to prepare for learning beyond school by further developing self-management
  • enjoy using technology and communicating with others online

Although our external direct enrolments are limited, we do license content for two of our courses and provide other digital resources in the form of Maths Videos and Starting Out! career modules. Our licence options can be found by clicking on the External School Options button on the home page.

For more information on HSC Learn Online you can refer to Frequently Asked Questions or speak to our Online Academic Administrator.

Ph: 9986 7279


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HSC Learn Online supports the Northern Beaches Christian School mission of Excellence in Education and Christianity in Action.


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