Our Online Team

Our Online Team

Nathan Bessant

As a passionate historian, I am really excited about the opportunity to teach students about the forces of change that transformed our world across history. In political, I am really interested in political history, particularly the clashes of ideas that was the Cold War. I am always excited when students make the important connections about the world we live in today and a decision that was taken in the past.

Joshua Grey

As an online teacher of Studies of Religion, I look forward to helping students gain a greater appreciation, engagement and understanding of how religion and its people are an integral part of the human experience and a component of life, culture and society.

Timothy Harding

As an online teacher of Earth and Environmental Science, I enjoy working with students to grow in passion and awareness of our Earth and how we can best look after it into the future.

Mark Harris

I'm Mark Harris and I teach the Online HSC Preliminary and HSC Software Design and Development course with students both from NBCS and externally from around the state. I have been teaching the SDD and earlier Computing Studies 2 and 3 unit courses at The King's School since they started. I particularly enjoy challenging students to improve and develop their logical and problem-solving skills as they expand their coding knowledge.

Margie Hofmeyr

Hi - I'm Margie Hofmeyr and I am the online teacher for Biology. As we journey the science of life through the Biology unit, we discover the truly, most amazing aspects of the natural world and with the exciting developments in bio-technology, we are able to use our knowledge and skills to help harness and protect our beautiful planet.

David Ramsay

I'm David Ramsay and I help run our online platforms - working with multiple Moodle installations and various other tools. I have worked with students from K to 12 and continue to want to help them learn as well as possible; utilising various technologies and platforms to do this.

Supporting Staff

Tamara Buttrose - Online Academic Administrator

I have worked at Northern Beaches Christian School for over 15 years and have experience as a teacher and administrator. I will oversee the academic administration for HSC Learn Online, and am the key person for liaising with external contact teachers and parents regarding their students’ online courses. 

Robert Payne - Online Enhancer

Hi I'm Robert Payne, I enjoy working with the online team, helping them to create interactive and engaging graphics and course content.
I hope you enjoy the courses.

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